Grate Hopper Magnet

Grate Hopper Magnet for Injection Molding Machine Grate magnet Separators, sometimes called magnetic grate, magnetic shelf, magnetic grill, grid magnet or hopper magnet, because it is widely used in food processing.


Magnetic Grill, Magnetic Grate, Grate Magnets, Hopper Magnet description:

The Grate Hopper Magnet is mainly used to remove iron impurities in hoppers, feeding troughs, and floor spaces, and can effectively remove free-flowing powders and iron impurities in small particles. The grate magnet is equipped with a beautiful appearance and reasonable distribution of magnetic bars, which can provide a high-strength magnetic field to attract the iron powder, iron filings, and other small pieces of magnetic metal in the flowing material.

The stainless steel seamless pipe and the outer frame are welded by skilled workers to form a strong whole. It can be installed on the production line, or simply placed in the hopper or material box, and can be easily taken out and cleaned. The grate magnet is made of materials, and the surface is corrosion-resistant, which can reach the cleanliness level of food and even medicine. GME’s hopper magnet usually uses 25mm diameter magnetic rods, arranged in parallel at a center spacing of 40mm.

The easy-to-clean magnetic grate is a combination of stainless steel empty frame + a completely unconventional magnetic shelf. GME’s magnetic grates are cut out by laser cutting technology and shaped by manual skilled welding, with small dimensional tolerance and high quality.

Magnetic Grill, Magnetic Grate, Grate Magnets, and Hopper Magnet product features:

1. The material of the rack and pipe is 304 or 316L stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, and pollution-free.

2. Finest of Magnetic Materials used meeting IMA/MMPA

3. The standard hopper magnet is composed of a metal frame and a 25mm diameter magnetic rod arranged at a distance of 50mm from the center, then screwed and assembled or welded, and can be designed with a baffle or guide rod magnetic frame.

4. The internal use of strongly magnetic materials, the surface magnetism is up to 12000GS, the standard size of the magnetic rod is Φ 25 mm; the external stainless steel surface has no internal leakage and tracheotomy, and it is polished and bright.

5. The surface of the hopper magnet can be polished to meet the requirements of food or medicine use level.

6. The maximum working temperature of the product is ≦80℃. If necessary, it can also meet the special needs of customers. The maximum working temperature can reach 80℃-350℃.

7. Ordinary type, easy-to-clean type, guide rod or guide plate type, square type, round shape, and other special specifications required by customers can be provided.

8. No energy consumption, no pollution, can be installed at any position on the production line that can be in contact with materials, saving space and convenient installation, mainly using rare earth alloy neodymium iron boron as the magnetic source, strong magnetic force, simple structure, and long service life.

How to choose surface Gauss:

If the metal you want to attract is Screw, thread, or nut, 2500-2800GS.

If the metal is an iron powder, 10,000GS

For 2500-2800GS, it is often by not welding type as below:

For 10,000GS, it is often by welding type as below: