Neodymium Magnet Grate Magnetic Filter For Hopper

A magnetic grate separator, also known as a grate magnet, magnetic grid, or hopper magnet, is attached to hoppers, chutes, drawers, and bins. This magnetic product is designed to remove unwanted ferrous particles from free-flowing materials such as dry goods, liquids, and slurries.


Neodymium Magnet Grate Magnetic Filter For Hopper Description:

Magnetic grates are constructed by a row of magnetic bars which are fixed by frames in various shapes. It can be square, rectangle, round, oval, triangle, rhombus, or irregular polygon, to suit the different positions. The Center distance of bars is usually 2 inches. Grate magnets are designed for product purity of free-flowing materials such as carbon black, drugs, chemicals, cosmetics, plastics, food industries, and so on. These units are easily installed in any hopper or floor opening, chute, or duct.

For an even higher level of protection, double and triple banked grids can be manufactured. All grids are manufactured with powerful rare earth magnets, which can extract fine ferrous particles such as rust etc. Single Magnetic Tubes are also available with ends drilled and tapped to your requirements.

Magnet Grate Application:

In pouring points, hoppers, as inspection before bagging, etc.

Magnetic grids filter very fine magnetic and weakly magnetic ferromagnetic contaminations from free-flowing powders and granulates. Often used for control purposes. Manual cleaning (quick cleaning).

The production process of Hopper Magnet:

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