Techik Nuts Seeds Vegetables Food X-ray Inspection System can efficiently detect foreign objects such as glass flakes, small stones, PVC plastic flakes, hard bones, snail shells, clods, etc. from bulk materials such as nuts, seed kernels, vegetables, deboned meat products, etc.

*Product Introduction of Techik Nuts Seeds Vegetables Food X-ray Inspection System:

Harvesting machinery wear, stones on the ground and other sources may cause the food to be mixed with foreign matter from the raw materials. In order to control the risk of foreign matter from the source, improve product quality, and also to avoid losses caused by foreign matter flowing into subsequent sections, more food processing companies use X-ray equipment to detect bulk materials at the beginning of the production line and before product packaging. The Nuts Seeds Vegetables Food X-ray Inspection System is equipped with a new generation of dual-energy high-speed high-definition detectors, and the material identification function is added to solve more inspection problems. Techik Nuts Seeds Vegetables Food X-ray Inspection System consists of X-ray source, HD detector system that collects high-energy signal and low-energy signal respectively. When the object to be tested passes through the inspection system, the high- and low-energy images of the product to be tested can be obtained at the same time. Because the difference between high-energy and low-energy images is related to the material of the item, after a series of processing such as automatic comparison of high- and low-energy images, the material difference between products and foreign objects can be identified.

*Advantages of Techik Nuts Seeds Vegetables Food X-ray Inspection System

1. Breaking through the limitation of traditional X-ray machine mainly relying on the difference of gray value of X-ray image to identify foreign objects, it has better detection effect on uneven and overlapping materials

The influence of thickness on the gray value is obvious. If the items are overlapped and uneven, it will easily interfere with the traditional X-ray machine. Techik Nuts Seeds Vegetables Food X-ray Inspection System uses the material recognition function to eliminate thickness interference and improve the detection effect.

2. Efficiently identify low-density foreign bodies and thin foreign bodies

Low-density, thin foreign objects are imaged with lighter colors. Take glass flakes mixed with raw materials as an example. Traditional X-ray machines are difficult to capture through the gray value difference identification method, while Techik Nuts Seeds Vegetables Food X-ray Inspection System can rely on the material identification function.

3.  High detection accuracy and wide detection range

In addition to the material recognition function, it is also equipped with AI intelligent algorithms, which can not only achieve higher detection accuracy, but also realize multiple detection functions such as defect detection through shape recognition.

4. Efficient rejection system

The multi-channel high-speed air blowing and rejecting system can track the material movement trajectory in real time, which can help achieve higher output and lower material loss.

5. Easy to install

The one-piece structure is used to adapt to the docking of various production lines, and the handling and movement are more convenient.

6. Easy maintenance

It has strong dustproof and waterproof ability, and adopts inclined surface design and quick release design.

7. Flexible solutions

It can adapt to more complex application scenarios, and can choose the exclusive intelligent detection mode according to different materials.