Techik Combo X-ray & Visual Inspection System not only can effectively detect foreign matters in the raw material, but also can identify raw material’s internal defects & external defects, accurately sort out branches, leaves, paper, stones, glass, plastic, metal, wormhole, mildew, color, malignant foreign impurities and unqualified products, with higher output and lower loss.

*Introduction of Techik Combo X-ray & Visual Inspection System:

The combination of technologies of X ray, visible light, infrared spectrum and AI intelligent algorithm enables Techik Combo X-ray & Visual Inspection System, which can realize the color, shape, density, material, comprehensive intelligent detection.

Techik Combo X-Ray & Visual Inspection System, based on different dimensions such as internal form, appearance and color, realizes the comprehensive detection of color, shape, material, and foreign body, to protect the quality and safety of nuts, seed kernel, frozen vegetables and other products.


*Advantages of Techik Combo X-ray & Visual Inspection System

1. Integrated design

Multispectral detection is integrated in the same transmission device and reject device, which is powerful and occupies less space, greatly reducing the installation space requirements.

2. Intelligent algorithm

AI intelligent algorithm is independently researched and developed by Techik. It can simulate human intelligence to analyze images, capture complex features of materials and identify subtle differences. Effectively improve the detection accuracy and reduce the false detection rate.

3.  Solve extreme problems

Multi-spectrum and AI algorithm support, detect and reject even leaves, plastic film, paper and other low-density foreign bodies can also be effectively identified.

4. Super efficiency sorting

Taking peanut as an example, it can detect and sorting out the bud, mold, half grain, cigarette butt, shell, stone and other internal and external defects and foreign bodies and impurities. One machine can solve multiple problems, help to achieve high-speed, high-quality production line.


*Application of Techik Combo X-ray & Visual Inspection System

Bulk materials: peanuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, etc.; Impurities detection: metal, thin glass, insects, stones, hard plastics, cigarette butts, plastic film, paper, etc.; Product surface detection: insect, mildew, stain, broken skin, etc.;
Frozen vegetables: broccoli, carrot slices, pea pods, spinach, rape, etc. Impurity detection: metal, stone, glass, soil, snail shell, etc.; Quality inspection: disease spot, rot, brown spot, etc.