Magnetic Grate Magnetic Grate Separators 12000gauss

Magnetic grate are designed to separate contaminants in free flowing materials such as carbon black, drugs, chemicals, cosmetics, plastics, food industries and so on. These units are easily installed in any hopper or floor opening, chute or duct.


Magnet Grid, Magnet Grate is made from the powerful rare earth magnets (NdFeB or SmCo) or Ferrite magnets in a seamless stainless steel tube ( 304 or 316). Magnet grids are widely used in various fields including the chemical industry, the foodstuff industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and etc. When liquor containing ferrous substances pass through the framework, the iron or steel substances will be attached to the wall of the filter bars and magnetic cartridges.

Magnetic Grate’s max surface gauss can reach around 15000GS. Sizes and lengths of the magnet filter tubes and shapes of the frameworks can vary as per clients’ requests.


1. Finishing: Well polishing and welding to meet food grade.
2. Material of shell: SS304, SS316, and SS316L seamless steel tube
3. Working Temperature: Standard working temperature is≦80℃, but if high temperature is required, we can offer up to 350℃ to meet your special applications
4. Various designs available. Standard type, Easy clean type, one layer, multilayer.
5. Also takes customer’s own magnetic grate designs.
6. Customer designs, specifications can be fulfilled.

Production Process of Grate Magnet:

Application area:
Products are of dry powder and granular, while contaminants are relatively small and fine.